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Character Info

Name: Lindsey
Age: Early to mid 30s. (32 is what I'm going with)

Canon: Lucky Number Slevin - Film - 2006

Canon point: After the first meeting with Slevin, before following Smith from the hotel. (For memes, will depend on context)

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Known facts:
• A native of NYC
• Lives across the hall from Nick Fisher, in apartment no. 46
• Works as a coroner medical examiner, familiar with members of the police force
(There has not been a coroner's office in NYC since 1915. Sorry film)
• Likes mysteries, is curious
• Uses her connections to her advantage when snooping
• Knows Nick well enough to borrow sugar from him ⇉ could just be due to wanting to know ones neighbors + sense of caution + work-instilled behaviors
• Has a friend (♀) working at the Hotel Cheval
• Likes James Bond films, old films. Is a fan of serial crime dramas (Columbo)
•• Scotland forever
•• Headcanon: CSI is for popcorn throwing nights in front of the TV with friends -- it doesn't work like that!
• Prefers to be active, doesn't like idle time
• Not too attached to her friends and family (ed. may be due to the limitations of the film)

• Doesn't like wearing rings, they get in the way.